Friday, September 9, 2011

Picking Flowers

Two days ago, Whitley arrived for a visit with her Grandpa.  If you asked her Grandpa the purpose of the visit, he might have said: "To see the beginning construction of the Pond."  If you asked Whitley the purpose, she might have said:  "To pick Flowers for my Mama and my Grandma."  After building 2 Castles in the house which were intended for the Princess, we grabbed a bucket and some scissors which was just her size and headed outside to pick Flowers. 

I have to say that in a former life, I would have carefully guided the picking process.  You might be familiar with the procedure:  "You can pick these, but not these."  "Make sure the stems are this long."  "Be sure to get these colors because they go well together."  "This Flower makes a nice cut Flower, but this one does not."  It seems like as Adults, we get so hampered by our Rules that we forget how to play or even that we should play.

On this day, I suspended any of the Rules and let Whitley pick any Flower she'd like.  And around the Garden she went.  Her beautiful fascination radiated as another lovely Flower in the Garden on this day. 

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