Sunday, September 4, 2011

Marker Day

Today was a Marker Day. Fall is in the air.  It surely is not Fall, but it shows promise that the seasons are shifting. We Humans are along for the ride.  And what a ride it is.

Last night, the Wind came blowing in.  When I went to town this morning, flags were stiff straight to the South.  Winds from the North brought cooler temperatures.  We even had Rain yesterday.  Yea! 

This evening, I switched from shorts into long pants.  I even dug out one of my favorite turtle necks.  It is old, soft, worn, a bit tattered, "relax fit" (to use a word from retail).  Melanie made Vegetable Stew in the Solar Oven this evening. Cooler season brings a desire for Warmer Foods.  Meats too, but not this time.

After dinner, we went for a walk out into the Cane Field.  That's become a regular daily excursion.  On our way there, we noted that the tall wild Sunflowers have broken into bloom.  They are gorgeous and are they ever tall.  They seem to be reaching their arms in praise toward the Sun and the Sky.

After we got to the Cane Field, Richard cut one of the stalks and we tasted it.  Yes, we are eager.  It is green, which of course, we suspected.  But it tastes like we could have cane which means we could have molasses.  Melanie brought the Cane Seedhead back to the Chickens.  They were delighted with the treat.  They too noted that the Cane is green, but it is coming right along.

We are deeply grateful for the passing of the Seasons in the regular way.  You will find no complaints here as we celebrate the Life Giving Forces of this Great Planet which is out Home.

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