Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tea Towels

September 14:

Kristina came Wednesday. We don't get together as much as we'd like but we always love to have she and her family grace this Little Farm.She had multiple purposes this time, two were a little more subdued, the remaining were light and bright.

What initially spurred the trip on this day was that Richard was going to be harvesting the 3rd batch of Roosters. She and her family had raised a Hen who was also destined to become Meat and nourishment for her Family. Somehow, reading about the process and watching it on YouTube was not quite the same. She wanted to work alongside Richard.

When this stage of her visit was complete, she brought inside some lovely treasures to share. It seems that her daughters Emma and Elsa made some Tea Towels. Elsa made the Tea Towel with the Chickens and Emma made the Tea Towel with the Cow. Plus Elsa embroidered a Hummingbird on a Handkerchief for Richard. There are longer stories here which we will get over time. Part of the story is that Elsa and Emma intended these Treasures to be used. Another part of the story is that these lovely little gifts made us smile.

We are hard on Tea Towels here. We had purchased lovely hand embroidered Tea Towels from Marion Johnson up where we used to live. We also had a few of terrycloth towels. We had a lot of Tea Towels. After 4 years of being on the Farm, the Tea Towels are stained and worn. Most have made it into the Rag Bag.

We have bought a few to replenish our original stash. Problem is that we can't find much in the way of sturdy ones. Yet. Plus, we really want to buy Organic Cotton and grown/made in the US. We would really like to embroider them, which would be a fine winter project. These things have not yet been resolved to our satisfaction. And in the meantime, our Tea Towels just become more worn and they dwindle further.

I suggested to Kristina and Melanie that it would be fun to have little get together to embroider Tea Towels. They agreed. I immediately thought of my collection of images to "iron on" for embroidery. While the details of this are not clear from that very full morning when she was here, Kristina talked about "free-forming" embroidery on Tea Towels. I think that is what the Girls did. Now that's an idea I never considered for our Little Farm. We are "free forming" here. Makes sense we would do that on Tea Towels too.

In the meantime, thanks to Kristina, Emma and Elsa for their beautiful Gifts and presence on this Little Farm.

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