Sunday, September 18, 2011

Molasses Making Date Set

A preliminary look at the Cane crops suggests that we could have as many as 4 batches of Molasses this year.  The date of the 1st batch is set for Sunday, September 25.  This is an extraordinarily busy time for all of us, especially this week and Saturday.  I don't need to detail it.  Of course, weather is always an factor. 

In a span of 2 days late last week, we shared information about making Molasses to 2 sets of neighbors:  our Amish neighbor to the northwest and to the Folks at the Possibility Alliance.  It was really neat.  Both are really serious and both have crops this year from our seeds.  The Folks at PA don't have enough for their own batch so will be adding to ours.  Our Amish neighbor has already made arrangements to take his Cane to a neighbor who will process it. In the meantime, they headed back home to make wooden Cane Knives per Richard's instructions.

It wasn't so long ago that making Molasses (or Sweet Sorghum Syrup) was termed a dying craft.  Well, it seems to be waking up around here.  And that feels good.

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