Thursday, December 3, 2009

Recipe: Canned Venison

Note: As per usual, follow Manufacturer's Instructions for Canner and carefully follow all procedures so that appropriate measures for sterilization are in place. This Recipe makes 10 Pints. One is missing from the above stash, because it became Stew. You gotta check it, you know.
1: Cut up Venison into roughly 3/4 inch Chunks. Amount should yield about 9 to 10 Pounds for 10 Pints, which is what our Canner holds.2: Put enough Oil in Stainless Steel Kettle to just barely cover bottom. Heat until Meat will sizzle but not burn. Add about 2 inches of Venison. (I have 2 Kettles going.) Stir frequently to brown evenly and prevent sticking. (Note: I have my work station set up so that it goes from left to right. 1st: Pan of uncooked Venison; 2nd: Kettle; 3rd: Kettle; 4th: Pan with upside down Cookie Sheet as Lid to hold cooked Venison.)3: Cook just until Pink is gone. Place Cooked Meat in a pan to keep hot. Add a little Oil to the Kettle as you did before and keep cooking until all Venison is cooked. Container with Cooked Meat will include "Meat" and rich "Gravy" or "Liquid".
4: Sterilize Jars, Lids and Rims as usual. Prepared Canner according to Manufacturer's instructions.5: Fill Pint Jars to within about 1 inch of top. Tamp down slightly. I do not pack tight.
6: Pour "Gravy" from Meat evenly across all Jars. Then fill with Boiling Filtered Water so that Meat and Liquid are about 1 inch from top. I do "tamp" down Meat so that it is not higher than than 1 inch. I check for Air Bubbles in Jars and "release" with a Knife poked down in the Jar.7: Wipe tops of Jars clean with Clean Wet Cloth. Put Rims and Lids in place. Then load Canner.
8: Follow Manufacturer's Instructions. I Pressure Can the Pints of Venison at 11 Pounds for 75 minutes. I watch the Canner very carefully as I have no specific setting which seems to hold it at 11 Pounds.

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