Sunday, May 27, 2012

It Could Well Be a Bumper Berry Year

If things go the way they look, this could be an extraordinary Berry Year.  Stay tuned. 

Strawberries (wild and cultivated) are ending.  I should note that the cultivated crop has been okay, but not prolific. We believe that the cold temperatures and frost late in the season surely took their toll.  Wild strawberries have been very abundant.  Should you come for a walk with me, we could still graze, but don't wait too long.

However, the berry seasons coming up look to be extraordinary.  Black Raspberries are just about ready to pick.  The last 2 nights we have gotten 2 hand fulls.  They are so yummy.  The vines are loaded.  Blackberries and Dewberries are blooming. And they seem to be everywhere.

Yesterday, we went to the Memorial Day picnic at Fort Madison Cemetery.  One of the ladies, who grew up with Mother, was noting that wild Blackberries are far better than cultivated.  I thought that was very interesting.  "Take note."

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