Friday, May 18, 2012

Seed and Plant Exchange Tomorrow

We are pretty excited in these parts.  The Seed and Plant Exchange is tomorrow.  It was flurry of activity around here today.  Richard got the Medicine Wheel Garden all ready for planting before I even thought about getting up.

Lurah and MaLinda came, joining Emily and me in weeding the front flower beds.  They sure are beautiful, and I think they are happier too.

Noah was moving stuff about, putting things into their places.  Places, everyone!

Hollis Dale came. He and Richard did the mowing.  Richard did the edges around the house, setting aside clippings to cover soil in the flower beds. Hollis Dale asked if it was time to mow the daffodils.  Yes.  He did the big stuff, of which there is plenty.  Hollis Dale was buzzing about on his lawn mower.  He came to a dead stop just behind Emily and me.  I wasn't sure what he was up to.  He got off the lawn mower and walked to the front of it.  He reached down and picked up a toad.  Then he placed it in one of the flower beds and out of the way.  I just smiled. I think the toad smiled too.

Melanie was inside on this day cleaning the house and making lunch.  Richard and Melanie made dinner.  Noah, Emily and I headed to the garage to tidy up for tomorrow.  That, my dear friends, was a very big job.  You see, our garage is full.  I sense that we are going to be "releasing" some things when the Seed and Plant Exchange is over.  I am happy to report that the garage now has a little more serenity, peace, and order.  It is happy to report that it is ready for set up of the Seed and Plant Exchange tomorrow.

Dave and Isabelle arrived.  Dave pulled out his dulcimer and played some wonderful music which wafted over the farm. We had dinner.

I headed back to the garage to clean off the tables and get a feel of the place.  Noah closed things up.  Emily is "prepping" food for tomorrow.  We are going to meet briefly to get our thoughts together for tomorrow.  Thoughts are when to shower are coming up.

We have several folks who will be coming early to set up.  And, dear friends, the Seed and Plant Exchange begins at 1pm tomorrow.  Sweet.  That's probably a lovely way to celebrate our 5 year anniversary of being on this little farm.

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