Friday, May 11, 2012


When I was growing up in the Judao-Christian heritage, we small ones were taught by the big people in our lives to "love".  We were continually reminded that "God is love". And we learned to sing with our childlike exuberance the song: "Jesus Loves the Little Children".  I always felt a "rosy glow" in singing or hearing that beloved song. I still do.

When I grew up, I discovered many adults practiced something different.  The child in me and the adult that I had become were perplexed.  Somehow it had become okay to classify people into different groups: those you love, those that are different, those you fear, those you hate. Those who were different progressed along a path which turned to fear and then to hate.

Just yesterday, someone I know only remotely told me a joke about a cultural group which was different.  When people are objectified and ridiculed, the beauty that they bring to this world cannot be seen or felt by the other.  As I age, I find it much easier simply to "accept".  I also find it intriguing to get to know someone who is different from myself.  That difference is at the heart of an expression of a myriad of colors which make up our Human Rainbow. And underneath, I find so many things in common too.

We Humans have some work to do to become all that we were meant to be. Life is a lot easier and more beautiful when we live each moment from a foundation of Love.  Is not that the way we were intended?

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