Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getting Ready

These days, we are getting ready for the Seed and Plant Exchange.  That also includes the regular garden planting at this Season.  It's kind of a flurry of activity around here.

Hollis, Hollis Dale, David, and Whitley came to till the soil and plant the cane yesterday.  I was amazed at the precision of Hollis Dale and David's work on those 2 tractors.  It was beautiful to see. I can hardly believe that this is our 9th season in making Sorghum Molasses.  In the meantime, Whitley used chalk to draw pictures on the front cement pad.  That was sweet.  After they were gone, Melanie and Dave planted trees and shrubs on Tuesday before he took off. 

Today, things were a buzz around here.  Or was it a blur?  It was an "accelerated fruit day" so Emily, Richard, Noah and I planted my dry Edible Beans.  I got them all ready to plant and we headed right out to the space.  Emily and I planted while Richard and Noah smoothed beds, hoed rows for seeds, staked rows, covered rows with soil.  One of my favorite customs that Richard and I have developed over time is that I plant the seeds, he prepares the soil and covers the rows.  Sometimes I sing to the seeds that lovely song by Peter, Paul and Mary "Inch by Inch, Row by Row".  Emily was singing too.

Melanie took care of groceries for Saturday.  We should be all set.  We also let neighbors know about the Seed and Plant Exchange, especially those we had yet to contact.  We hope to have the new mailbox up and our neighbor, who is a lifelong sign maker, is going to do the lettering by hand.  We are tickled about that.

Noah, Emily and Richard planted Peppers.  Noah cleaned up the wheelbarrows and wagons.  He also brought the big plants out into the garden.  And he brought out the bird baths too.  At long last, I think we are going to be ready for the warm summer season. Lurah came over and helped Melanie and me prepare plants for giving away at the Seed and Plant Exchange.  That was wonderful to share time and space with Lurah too.  In the meantime, Emily put the "rainbow ribbons" up around the garden.  They look really pretty.

Richard made a lovely dinner and we settled in for a quiet evening.  Quiet evenings are good.

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