Thursday, May 24, 2012

Decorating Graves

Today we had the best day. We gathered up flowers and tools, and headed to 5 cemeteries to reflect on family (friends and community), clean and "decorate" graves. (I even took a few strawberries.) This is a practice we could not do all those years we lived so far away.
Two of the cemeteries are ones we normally do not visit and are resting places of Richard's great great grandparents. One cemetery is old, out of the way, rough mowed. Richard dug out the face of 3 stones which had fallen over and were sinking down under grass and soil. Who are you? What are the stories you have to tell that are important for us to hear now?
On Saturday, we head to Ft. Madison Cemetery which is in the northeast part of our county.  My female line going back to my great great grandmother Catherine Powell South is there.  The community has re-instituted a "Memorial Day Picnic" where we share pictures, stories, and a meal of traditional foods.

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