Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We Tried...

We tried. But it did not work out. Many of you noted (and were overjoyed as were we) with the recent addition of a puppy (Sam) to our little Farm.  We knew that Sam was a rescue animal (a stray with an unknown past who 3-4 weeks ago was starving). We seriously planned to have him in our family for a very long time.

Sam is a really sweet dog who under the right circumstances I believe would thrive. However, it became quickly apparent Sam had needs we could not address.  That was especially apparent in this season of re-do of the kitchen (contractors coming and going), intensive nature of putting in garden at this time, our traffic of visitors and gardening angels. I could detail the challenges but it is not important here.  We did not have the energy to commit to his care.

So Richard and I headed off to the Humane Society this morning with Sam and his bundle of treasures. The Humane Society here does not have a "no kill" policy although some of the dogs at the kennel have been there upwards of 3 years or more. I was impressed by the ambience of what I saw (garden plantings, shade for kennels, fresh smell, lots of space for running and playing). It is a shelter, of course.

If you would like, I would ask you offer a little prayer for Sam (Sami) that he may find the special individual/family that he is looking for and gratitude for all the lessons that he offers along our lifes' paths.  I suppose you could say that request is for Sam and all the other precious animals who find themselves in such spaces.

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