Saturday, May 5, 2012

Full Week

This week has been really full.  Melanie and Dave returned on Sunday from their trip back East.  Bright and early Monday morning, we headed into the Post Office to pick up the Baby Chicks.  Kristina, Elsa and Emma combined their order with ours.  So there we were overjoyed with this box full of baby chicks.  Peep peep peep.
The 1st order is to count Chicks and report any losses back to the Hatchery. On a sad note, both Kristina's family and ours lost some baby Chicks. Two died in the box (which was new for us) and 2 died after we took them home.  Although vibrant, life is fragile. Life and Death are normal occurrences on the Farm.  I can see why folks left the Farm. But in the meantime, back to the box:  Peep peep peep.

From there, we separated the Chicks into Kristina's family's and ours.  Kristina, Emma and Elsa had order a variety and were they ever cute.  Visiting from California, Emma and Elsa's Great Aunt Ellie joyously joined our little parade.  We oohed and aahed, taking plenty of pictures.  Click click click. How precious to hold new life right there in our very own hands.  How can one do anything but smile?  Peep peep peep.

We got a nudge from Post Office staff.  Apparently, they were tired of hearing the peeps.  Chicks' peeps do reverberate off the hard walls and floors. Who knows how long they had been at the Post Office?  Plus, Chicks under stress peep more.  I imagine they are looking for their Mom. 

So we Human "Mom's" divided them up and headed out.  Melanie and Dave were in front of the Hybrid, and I sat in the back.  The box was on my lap and a towel covered them up to protect the box and the Chicks from the cool air.  Chicks lose heat quickly.  In their natural setting, they would be depending on the warmth from their Mom's and their brothers and sisters.  That's why they are boxed tightly. On the way home, I could feel that warmth on the top of my legs as I held the box with the precious cargo.

After we arrived home, the order of the day was to get the Chicks settled into their own digs.  Dave and Melanie carefully took one Chick at a time from their tight little box, put their beaks 1st in water and then into food.  Such actions are essential as Chicks need a little help in knowing what to do next.  I don't know how that works when they are with Mother Hen.
Activities in the house centered on the Kitchen re-do. Tap tap tap.  Drill drill drill. Richard painted walls.   Melanie and I did the "edges".  Swish swish swish.  Great teamwork.  Did you ever notice how people have different affinities and skills?  Those leanings make for a better balance in building a little home.
Melanie's Beekeeping Suit arrived and it fits great.  She also worked on getting the Hives ready.  The Bees should be coming soon.
We had other Worker Bees in the house.  Plumbing needed work. Gas Line to the Stove needed to be moved.  In the middle of that, the men who came were grandchildren of one of my Mom's good friends.  I even have pictures in the file of their grandmother in the 1950s, which I shared and some I even gave them.  This was a surprise connection. And through Shane, we got a puppy, which we had not expected at all. I suppose one should be open to surprises on the path of life, because sometimes we have them in abundance.
Clemens and Richard put down the floor.  The Kitchen was pretty much a straight shot, which meant it went really fast.  In the meantime, Clemens is finishing cabinets this week.  I made many calls and between us, we keep focused on the things that remain. These days, we are managing without cabinets, countertop, or sink.  It's kind of like camping but not very primitive.  Plus a big bonus: Completion of the project is both within reach and in sight.

Our new puppy, Sami (pronounced "Sammy" or "Sam"), arrived Thursday evening.  I will be writing more about this.  Sami showed up at Shane's house about 3 weeks ago.  He was starving and could barely stand.  They took him to the vet where he was checked over completely, got his shots, and was neutered.  Shane and Shelly fed him and fattened him up a bit. They couldn't keep him and were just waiting for the right "fit".

Needless to say, our lives have changed here on the Farm.  Puppies do that.  Richard and I have been walking more and playing more.  Those are good things.  It has been a very long time since we have been around a puppy.  (Sami is about 9 months.)  I have been getting suggestions from friends, visiting YouTube, and reading a book from the Monks of Skete (who are well known for their skill in dog training).  Earlier in the week, I was focused on research on vents, sinks, lights.  Gears shifted.  Quickly.

On one of our walks, Sami discovered a Turtle.  Richard suggested that we have a section on the blog which focuses on "Sami's Adventures". I think he could be having plenty here.
 We got a considerable amount of rain this week.  The pond continues to fill.

Emily and Noah arrived today.  They are our "Gardening Angels" who will be helping us with the work of the farm for the next week to 10 days.  Lurah, Hollis Dale, and Richard mowed.  Green grass, rain, and cool temperatures make for quite the stand of grass.  As for today, it was hot and steamy.

And in the middle of all of that, the Baby Chicks continue to grow. Many are getting tail feathers.  Soon they will go out to the "big house".  We have some variables to consider.  A big one is Mačka, our wild little (and growing) cat.

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