Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Bees

OK, Melanie brings Bees home Friday night, and Saturday (after Memorial Day celebrations) she is off to Iowa City to be with Dave and the kids. Yikes, I feel like we were left home with the "Ba-Bees". I learned many years ago that one's child has a knack of introducing all kinds of unexpected treasures into one's life.

Early last evening, to my dismay, Richard and I discovered the Bees had eaten themselves through their sugar water. That meant that I needed to remove the jar and fill it. It had to be me because I fit into the Bee Suit. Richard didn't.  He tried.

I did some calling (to Melanie and a master Beekeeper in the area).  I was advised to wait until about 7:30 ish this morning.  I guess Bees can be grumpy and defensive after they go to bed.  I know some humans like that.  

So at 8 a.m. this morning, I donned the Bee Suit and headed out with the sugar water in the quart jar to the "Bee Yard".  Richard was waiting patiently in the wings to assist with changing the jar lid.  I walked in from the side.  Apparently walking straight in sometimes means Bees go on the defensive.  I didn't make any sudden movements.  

I am proud to report that I did it! We did it! Those New Bees are so sweet. They are just amazing. In fact, I found the whole thing enchanting. The Bees looked "so new".  I guess all of us were New Bees or Newbies.

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