Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Wild day today. This kitchen re-do is coming together and an end is insight. I am excited and grateful about what I see. We painted walls today. Melanie was on the ladder, brushing in the corners and making "edge" between colors. I did the lower part. Richard rollered walls. Shane moved the propane access to the stove. On the way out, he said: "You could use a dog." Come to find out, he and his wife had a Beagle mix that showed up 3 weeks ago. They have lovingly caring for the puppy and want him to go to a good home. Richard and I went for a look see. "It's all over." Puppy comes tomorrow. I thought earlier this week: "What could happen to make this crazy week more intense? The inner voice said: "Get a puppy." When Ladd died, Richard knew the next dog would come down the drive (and Shane will bring him tomorrow.) In the meantime, floor goes down tomorrow.

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