Monday, May 14, 2012


The Farm was a crossroads this weekend.  Rachel came from Argentina via Indiana on her way to Rochester, NY. Her parents Joe and Kathy came from northern Indiana.  Cote came from Chile via northern Indiana where she is an exchange student with Rachel's family. When they left the Farm this morning, they headed down to see Joni in Columbia. Dave came down from Iowa City.  Noah was coming from Georgia while Emily was from Michigan, via many in betweens, with more ahead.

This was the weekend of Rachel's graduation as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.  Her graduation date also marked our arrival on this little Farm 5 years ago.  She was one of the first that we met after our arrival which now seems like many life times ago.  Her interests in the Earth, Peace, Justice, Living Simply dovetailed with our own.  We started talking and will never stop.  We became her "Farm Family".  Her Dad had suggested that if she was to succeed in Medical School, she needed to have a farm nearby.  We were that Farm.  Her retreats to it meant just as much to us. Their arrival on the Farm was a perfect celebration for the new Kitchen.  And today was Mother's Day.  How fitting.  

No celebration is complete without a special meal.  Melanie spearheaded the meal featuring many of Rachel's favorite foods from here on the Farm: Barbecued Chicken (with Richard's homemade sauce), Kale Salad, Sweet Potato and Regular Potato Fries with Aoli, Lettuce Salad picked fresh from the garden with Avocados Dave had brought down, Fresh Baked Bread that Dave brought from the Co-op in Iowa City.  Cote and I set the table and picked flowers too.
During lulls, we headed out for excursions on to the Farm.  Of course, they wanted to see the baby chickens.

At last, the dinner was done.  Melanie and Dave patiently waited for us to arrive and find our places at the table.  What a treasured time.
 Afterwards, Melanie and Joe made homemade Ice Cream.
 In the meantime, Dave played his Dulcimer.  The lovely sounds wafted out across the landscape.
 Dessert included Vanilla Ice Cream, Fruit Sauce, and Lemon Curd.  I think these things must be served in Heaven too.
This morning we took time for a few pictures to mark this very special time we shared and to celebrate a beautiful friendship that has unfolded.
Moms and Daughters gathered for a photo on this Mother's Day.  Rachel reminded us that the last time we took a photo, the photo included Rachel, Melanie, Mom and me.  How the time flies and how things change.

Richard let the Baby Chicks out today.  These are some of their first days outside into the big world.  I suppose this marks some new steps into the world that had not been envisioned before.  They too are at their own crossroads.
Emily and Noah returned and were soon on the phone calling Moms, Grandma, sister (who is a new Mom) on this Mother's Day.  Life is so good down here on the Farm. We know where we have come from, but we too are at a crossroads.  I suppose that's what life is all about.

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