Monday, May 21, 2012

Solar Eclipse

O.K., we just don't want to miss anything here on the Farm.  Sometimes, we don't have the most sophisticated technology at our finger tips but we usually can improvise something.

Yesterday marked the Solar Eclipse, where the Moon hides some of the face of the Sun.  It was not a full Eclipse in these parts but it was pretty substantial.  I checked times.  The Eclipse was to begin about 7:30pm as the Sun was dipping toward the western horizon.  Peak was 8:30pm.  Sunset, for us, was 8:24pm. 

While I was doing some research, Melanie and Noah made a fantastic East Indian Meal.  I punched 3 holes in index cards (a pin hole, a tack hole, and a hole punch). It became quickly obvious that our plans for Solar viewing needed a little tweaking.  We started out eating on the west porch, but the trees meant we were sitting in dappled shade.  My hole punches were not exactly statements of perfection.  Was that divet the Eclipse or was it simply a product of my creative hole punching skills?  Quickly, things began to change.  I suggested that we find other objects with small standard round holes.  Emily and I were on search and find mode.  She grabbed the strainer and I grabbed one of my best kitchen friends, the large collander.  I also suggested we eat our dinner on the west face of the white garage which was in full view of the Sun.  Off we went.

The experimenting began.  Sure enough, each of those round holes had exactly the same cut-out where the Moon was slipping over the face of the Sun.  We just couldn't believe it. 

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