Friday, May 4, 2012

We Got a Puppy

We got the puppy yesterday afternoon. His name is "Sam" or "Sami" (like Sammy). He is 9 months old (or thereabouts). He showed up skinny and starving at a house in LaPlata about 3 weeks ago. They got him on a good diet, took him to the vet for shots, neutering, etc. He is a Beagle mix. And now he is added to our family. He seems like a really sweet dog. Gee whiz, adding a puppy to the family is a big adjustment for everyone. There are moments when I think:  "What were we thinking?" and other moments when it seems like such a good fit.  We are getting there. Any recommendations would be appreciated, especially for dogs who have had a tough life.
We think Sami is going to be an outside least for the most part... The 2 inside cats and the 1 outside cat are not the least bit thrilled with the developments. They will work it out.  I guess we all will work it out.
Sami came with a blue 50 gallon drum for a make shift dog house. His dog bed (blanket) was stuffed inside. He barked for a little while last night and then seem perfectly content. When I got up this morning, I noted that he had dragged his dog bed out and placed it just inside the shed (out of the rain). I thought that was a good sign.

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