Thursday, May 17, 2012

Camera Re-Charger Found

OK:  My trusty camera is pretty essential around here as I document the happenings.  Battery was "no-go".  Re-charging was essential but the re-charger was absolutely nowhere to be found. We have looked high and low.  The Seed and Plant Exchange is coming up, so this was becoming a "serious" matter necessitating energies of all of us.

I suggested we invoke the spirit of "St. Anthony", the patron saint of lost objects.  We were buzzing about calling on St. Anthony to guide us in our quest, at which point, Melanie said that the re-charger was really not lost.  She checked the drawer where it is normally stored.  She and I had checked this drawer at least a half dozen times before.  And there it was!  It was at the very back of the new drawer which is at least 4 inches longer than the previous drawer.  So I had not even thought to look that far.

I think the camera just needed a little rest during these very busy times.  And so, rest it got.  It is now recharged, restored and ready for action. 

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