Thursday, July 5, 2012

3 Frosts, Heat and Drought

Richard and I dug and gathered 6 gallons of potatoes this evening.  We were concerned that the heat would take its toll and we might lose them. 

These potatoes have been hardy souls.  They are not large by conventional standards but they sure are good.  They experienced a minimum of 3 frosts which knocked back their foliage each time.  Potatoes need healthy foliage on the top side to grow under the soil.  Most of the plant material on top had long ago dried up.  Some had not even gotten to the blossom stage.  As if that wasn't enough, later on, we have had all of this heat and drought. But they did grow and they do look healthy.

Usually we would place them in the garage for a while but it is way too hot.  These potatoes are going to be stored for now down in the basement.  We will use them and celebrate their gifts of life for us.

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