Sunday, July 22, 2012

Peaceful Energy

Once upon a time, I was told by a Native Elder (who was years younger than me) that among his people it is known that whatever energy one sends into the world is the energy that is returned.  I also personally believe that whatever energy one sends into the world just keeps multiplying that energy in the world around.

So, Richard and I were talking about: "What can we do to do our best to offer peaceful energy to the world at a time when it is so deeply needed?"  We surely have taken many steps toward this, but we can do more. 
  • We buy local as much as possible.  
  • We don't use toxic chemicals.  
  • We don't have television and we don't subscribe to that kind of junk in our lives.
  • We don't subscribe to magazines which promote sensationalism and violence.
  • We are careful to include news sources which offer positive actions in the world.
  • I am planning a return to a regular meditation practice.  Gotta go.

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