Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Energy Saving Tip

  1. Choose the right sized pan for the task. 
  2. Place the pan on a burner that is smaller than the diameter of the pan. The heat goes right into the pan, rather than up along the sides.  Safety is a factor here too. 
  3. Put a lid on it.  Water will boil faster, more will remain in the pan, and the whole process will heat the house less.
  4. Be prepared to learn and grow.  Sometimes the current practice can be improved.  Duh...  Dear Reader, some of you may be commenting on the "obvious":  "Why doesn't she just use the microwave?"  We haven't used a microwave for years.  In fact, we don't even own one any more.  I am not prepared to discuss this fully here, but I can give some headlines behind our thinking.  While quicker and generating less heat, food cooked in the microwave has less food value.  Furthermore, Melanie and I did not like how it felt and tasted "energetically".  The main idea behind eating is to bring into the body the very best nutrients to sustain our lives.  It makes no sense to diminish any part of this process.  Food serves as one of the building blocks toward our health.  Second, research is showing that food cooked in plastic can actually contribute toward cancer.  Not interested.  
  5. I chuckled after I originally posted the above picture of our Revere Ware pan on the stove.  Once again, "duh..." comes to mind.  I simply forgot that I could use the solar oven.  So I heated water in it this afternoon.  Gotta check.

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