Saturday, July 7, 2012


The extreme heat and drought is causing me to look very carefully at the resources that I use.  Of course, we have been on this track for a long time.  However, their use just grabs my attention. 

Yesterday, we could have easily sent 2 cars to town because there was a lot to do.  However, we chose to just sent one.  The sole occupant graciously consented to covering a little more than she had expected.  She was efficient with her time, too.

The recent weather events are pointing arrows toward "use less", "put less carbon dioxide in the air", "now", "it needs to be a priority".  Some folks might crank up the air and consider covering themselves in ice cubes.  We try to fashion new ways to moderate the heat, get our work done, and feel good about what we are going to leave future generations.

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