Monday, July 16, 2012


July 14:

If you follow this blog, you noted a few days back that I have been measuring the depth of some of the cracks in the Earth.  This one was 25 inches.  I could hardly believe it.

I surely have wondered what kind of function these cracks are supposed to serve.  I remember as a kid being fascinated by the oracle in Ancient Greece.  Maybe these cracks are opening up spaces into the Earth where She can speak directly to us.  Just maybe she is choosing to speak to us now.  What would she say?

Humans are running out of time.  Our self absorbed practices are diminishing the capacity of our Great Mother to give us Life and to sustain us.  We need to get with the program soon.  Otherwise, we will be history.  It is our decision.  And we need to make some pretty substantial changes now.  

I don't know where you sit with these matters, but these issues mean a great deal to us.  They are the basis for the work that we do here at the Farm.  We 3 C's are willing on a day to day level to make choices that support Life, which is a gift of the Divine.  How could we not?

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