Monday, July 2, 2012

Turn It Around

I picked up this little tidbit on Yahoo News:  "Since June 24, more than 1,900 heat records were broken in the United States."  Source:

Climate change is upon us.  Global warming is real.   Yes, there are naysayers.  And yes, once upon a time people believed the Earth was flat too.  We Humans surely have made a mess of things.  We are the problem.  But here in lies a fact too:  We are a solution.  Is it too late?  We don't know.  But, let's get our heads and hearts together.  Let's consider the world that we want to leave to those who follow us.  And let's hear the stories they tell of us many years after the sunset of our lives:  "Yes, they did their best to turn it around."  That's the list I choose to be on.
Note:  Just one day later, I just picked up another post on Yahoo News that cites 3,215 daily high temperature records set in the month of June in the U.S.  The headline includes this is "what global warming looks like".

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