Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Not Leaving the Farm

OK, in this heat, one has to really be watchful of the animals on the Farm.  One water bucket (or 2) tipped over in any of the chicken yards could spell disaster to any of our feathered friends under our care.  We have 3 chicken yards and all 3 have occupants. 

Today, all 3 of us were gone to take Melanie to the train station.  While we were out and about, Richard and I did some errands in Kirksville.  And of course, we always see folks that we know and we just want to visit.  They do too.  Well, time was getting long and I nudged Richard:  "Shouldn't we check on the chickens?"  And we said our "see you soon's", completed our purchases, and headed back home.

Unfortunately, Richard found when he let the chickens out that one of the Delawares (we are not sure which one) was in heat stress.  We did all the usual things:  hosed her down, kept her feet cool, forced her to drink, kept cool water around her, stayed with her.  Several of the other chickens were doing that too.  She did show some considerable improvement, but pretty much stayed put the rest of the evening.  We have done all that we can.  I wonder what the night will bring.

We love our chickens.  When one is responsible for living beings, it's a very serious role.  This severe heat warning goes through Saturday evening.  It is safe to say that both of us will not be leaving the Farm at any one time in the coming days, especially the afternoons.  OK:  If you know us well, you know that is maybe normal, regardless of the weather.  We just love it here.

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Sara said...

Hope the hens were OK. We are so lucky here to be enjoying a mild summer again such as we had last year. In fact it is touch and go with enough heat to keep the melons growing with enough time to finish. I also have a huge aphid infestation unlike any I have had before partially because of the temp changes.Wish we were closer so we could commiserate and rejoice together.