Wednesday, July 4, 2012

City People Come to the Farm

I have often felt I should write a book about the "City People Come to the Farm".  Somehow, the city experience numbs one to the real life experiences out here in the country.  Occasionally, we have been so completely naive, I just have to laugh.  Other times, I just nod:  "There it is again."

One of the big ones lately is that the city experience surely removes one almost completely from the cycles of the Earth.  If you want something to eat, you just buy it at the grocery store or order up at your favorite restaurant.  It doesn't matter if it is in season or not.  If you have the cash, you just buy it.  Those grocery store produce aisles create the false impression food is available all the time.  If you want strawberries, just buy strawberries.  Somewhere, someone is producing it.

Out here on the Farm, we are confronted constantly with the forces of Nature which give preference to one crop over another.  Some seasons, one type of produce is in abundance.  And other times it just isn't.  Hopefully it all balances out. 

I can imagine that Nature just shakes her head and laughs:  "The city people come to the Farm."

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