Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another Day on the Farm

April 9:

Richard and Melanie have gone with Richard's brother Hollis to an Amish family's auction up in the Downing area today. Downing is a small town about an hour north of here. I just love to say that: "up in the Downing area". I can imagine that others at the auction might say they have gone "down in the Downing area" or "over in the Downing area". Words are such fun to play with.

In the meantime, the Hennies are wondering where Melanie and Richard are. I am definitely 3rd string in Chicken caretaking. I fed them a special treat of leftover cold cooked breakfast cereal, which they love. That got them excited and they thought I was really cool. So far, they are content in their coop. I shall let them out this afternoon.

In this picture, you see 2 Hennies on the left. They are part of the 9 Hennies and the 1 Rooster who are in a separate pen where we Humans who are newbies at these things are trying to get a Hennie "to set".

Now that next installment of this story ("Hen to Set" Saga: 3) will take a bit of time and all of us to get the words down. It has been quite a tale. I can imagine the Hennies and the Rooster are writing their own version. I just wish I had the address of their Blog.
This was just another day on the Farm. We learn and we grow. We extend into dimensions we never thought we would. We reach out into the community. Life is good.

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