Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Rain

Two decades or more ago, I found a scented hand lotion that I loved. It was called "Spring Rain". I have long since given up scented hand lotions made of synthetic chemical formulations. Those nasty chemicals made me (and others) sick. That is another story.

I smile with amusement that a manufacturer of hand lotions and a consumer of hand lotions could be fooled into believing that the fragrance of Spring Rain could be synthetically formulated. The Spring Rains that surround us at this season are the real thing. They nourish the Earth and all beings, inside and out. No chemical formulation from the hand of man could ever approach that.

Many Humans have a tendency toward trying to replicate Nature with synthetic substitutes. Considering the Masterpiece we are trying to copy, we seem to be a bit arrogant or perhaps naive to even try. Our replications are woefully incomplete.

In the meantime, the Spring Rains here have produced a lush green which is indescribable. Nature is waking up.

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