Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Land of New

Spring's Magic awakens the Land and All Beings
from Winter's Stillness.
Every day, every moment presents
New Life springing in varied forms.
After a heavy Dew, new Spider Webs gleam
like small fresh Hammocks in Morning Sun.
Carpets of Violets smile underfoot.
Where were they yesterday?
Trees suggest Leaves and Flowers to come.
Seedlings we have planted indoors spend more time outside.
They take on a vigor elusive to Life inside.
Max and the Humans prepare for new adventures.
Birds are paired and on territory.
They sing those vibrant songs
and share their showy Spring Finery.
We cannot even know all the Nests about
because they are carefully hidden.
Pools of water appear offering mirrors.
Pine Cones cleverly come from some magical place in Pines.
Mayapples launch umbrellas
of suitable size for Fairies.
Even Dandelions are new.
I picked one for Mother,
just as I had done years before.
Holes appear.
Everyone seems to be Home Making.
Green arises everywhere.
It's small now.
But just wait.
Rolf brings Aged Cow Manure.
Yes, it's 4 years old
but just think of all those vibrant New Things
smaller than the eye can see teaming within.
Our Soil and Gardens are going to love it,
even more than the Humans do.
Richard has put up a fence around the Garden
which will keep the Chickens out.
When the Ground dries a bit,
we will be planting in full swing.

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