Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Hen to Set" Saga: 13

Today was a big day. We got Lacey off the nest as per usual. She was reluctant. She was all fluffed up. She was clucking all the way. It is not her plan to get off the nest. She just does it because the Humans think it is a good idea. Once outside the Brooder House, she ran stiff legged around in the grass. Her Sister Hennies and Rooster Freddie, who were 2 Chicken Yards over, were wondering what the doin's might be.

Today, her eggs are at Day 13. It was time to test them to see if they are fertile. Melanie carefully placed them one by one in water. If they float (and a bit off center), they are fertile and developing. All except one did exactly as we had hoped. The 9th egg, which is Amber's, was not quite where we had hoped. But Richard thinks it will catch up.

Richard says that by Day 19, the little Chicks inside will be peeping inside their cozy little eggs. That "peeping" serves the purpose of "synchronizing the hatch". They surely must be cheering each other on.

One of my favorite times in this whole episode is watching Lacey return to her house. I have been trying to get a picture of this, but it is next to impossible. She is really quick. I almost need an athletic function on my camera. Once inside, she settles down on the eggs and carefully puts them back into place.

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