Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Hen to Set" Saga: 12

On Friday (April 24), Richard headed into Lacey's Place for the usual encouragement. It was time for the reluctant Broody Hennie to get out and get some exercise. Lacey detests those short excursions off the nest which the Humans think are so important. She is clearly miffed. She clucks and she clucks, running here and there. She waits for just that perfect moment when the Human gives her enough space to get back into the door of her house and onto her nest.

On this day, Richard got Lacey off her nest of 9 Eggs and placed her outside the Brooder House. One problem presented itself: He had forgotten to close the gate.

Lacey found the open gate. And she took off. She was intent on heading back to her nest as quick as her stiff little legs could carry her. This time, she forgot where her nest was and headed for the Hen House, which is her regular home.

Richard hollers for Melanie, who is hanging clothes on the line. Melanie quickly heads over. And in her calm way, she calls Lacey back home. Lacey heads "back home" and eagerly returns to her nest. She moves the eggs a bit as she adjusts her feathers over those 9 warm eggs. Within a few seconds, she is snuggled back into place.

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