Friday, April 3, 2009


Just about every Window is filled with Plants these days. Our 3 big South Windows are home to Seedlings which will find their way into the Garden over the coming weeks.

To the left, you see 1 of my Umpteen Geraniums which overwintered hanging upside down (without soil) in the basement. Mother gave me all of hers and she had some beauties. I am thinking about planting some of these on graves of Ancestors during the Memorial Day time.

You also see above my 16 Parsleys facing the Sun. We try to turn the flats every day. Those little Plants are mostly Italian, or the flat variety. I smile because those Seeds came from Gerry Bulisco, a friend whom we knew over the latter years when we lived in Grand Forks.

The tiny plants in the middle are Oreganos. The Seeds were also a gift from Jerry Bulisco for our little Farm. We were blessed to know Jerry during our shared time in Grand Forks. His gifts of Seeds (Basil too) were reminiscent of the Gardening Experiences he shared with his Italian Grandfather. What a wonderful gift for our home-making here!

Would you believe that I have 27 Oregano plants? I hardly believe it myself. We have laughed at the question of "How many Oreganos do you need?" I can't bear to not transplant a seedling. Somehow that seems like "killing" a living Being, which it is. Those Oreganos were such tiny Seeds and Seedlings. They took the earliest of starts for our Seeds. Those little Seeds all wanted to germinate which is not what I expected. So does anyone in the area need an Oregano plant?

When I moved them from the flat where they germinated to the little pots (where they are now), they even smelled like Oregano. I wondered if even when all Beings (including Humans) are Wee Small if we bear a semblance to the Adult that we will become. One ponders many things in the presence of Growing Things.

You will note in the lower right corner a Cedar flat that Richard built for me. I placed Flower Seeds there today (Marigolds and Nasturtiums). Our Biodynamic Calender says that it was a good time to plant Flowers up until about 8 a.m. this morning. I was up and moving a bit earlier than usual fare for me these days.
Since our days are increasingly warm (40s, 50s, 60s), we are now taking some of our Cool Season Seedlings (Leeks, Cabbages, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Lettuces, Beets, Spinach) outside into the "Big Window" for their early excursions into the outside World which is soon to be their Home. Richard built this neat shelf for just this purpose. It is outside the Basement Walkout Door, which seems just perfect for their daily adventures.

The bottom picture is the view out the East Window of the Family Room. The Wax Begonias were from Mother and our stash from last summer. I still intend to do cuttings of these beautiful Plants, but will wait until the optimal "Flower Time". You will see Sweet Potatoes sprouting in their personal waterbaths. When I was a Child, I remember seeing the Ladies sprouting Sweet Potatoes on Window Sills or on top of Refrigerators. Just seeing them in our new little Home makes me smile. I even took a Sprouting Sweet Potato in for Mother and her little room at the Nursing Home. She smiled.

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