Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Hen to Set" Saga: 11

While Lacey was on her periodic "forced" run outside the Brooder House, Melanie checked the Eggs. All were warm. None had cracks. Some Eggs seemed like they were getting a little "heavier". What's going on inside?

The "bloom" on the Egg is the transparent outer coating, often not visible to the Human Eye. Since Lacey has had a lot of "skin to Egg contact", she seems to be wearing away the bloom. Her Eggs look a bit different than Eggs that have just been gathered. The Humans are deliberating on just how to describe that. Nothing yet comes to mind.

Richard has suggested that at some point soon, we should float the Eggs in water. This will show which Eggs are developing. We will remove Eggs that are infertile. We will be writing more on this one later. Melanie says please don't try this at home, for the safety of all the little Chicks.

Melanie has noted Mouse Sign in the Brooder House. (Although we profess to be non-violent, we may be trying to float him too.) The little guy has chewed a hole in the door. To our dismay, Mouse Droppings are around the perimeter of the inside of the house. And it stinks, in more ways that one.

Imagine that: Lacey, the Broody Hennie, is not likely to leave her clutch for any reason, day or night. Sometime during the night, she is greeted by a Mouse who is delighted to share in the food left for Lacey. We can just imagine the conversation that might ensue. Melanie has noted that Lacey has seemed a bit stressed during the day. This evening, Melanie and Richard have left some traps to try to catch the little critter.

Lacey is on Day 9, with 12-14 days to go.

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