Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Hen to Set" Saga: 5

Over the last few days, Melanie and Richard have gotten the Brooder House ready for Lacey. Several days ago, Melanie took down the brushy stuff. A Mouse had a nest over the door of the Brooder House which we discovered when Richard shop vac-ed the nest and the mouse. Thunk, thunk, thunk. Oops! As a result, they have set some Mouse Traps.

Today, they mowed the grass in the coop yard. Melanie also sowed Clover Seeds which will be fine food for the Chicken Family which will reside there. Melanie put the waterer and food dish in the Brooder House. They put down fresh hay. They still need to build the porch. The place is pretty cushy, at least from the vantage point of the Humans, who are clearly novices at these things.
About dusk, Richard created a distraction by throwing Sunflower Seeds to Freddie and the Hennies. Then, Melanie carefully moved Lacey in the Pet Carrier to the Brooder House. The Pet Carrier will be her nest box for this upcoming production. Lacey has stowed underneath 10 presumed to be infertile eggs.
According to the Moon Sign, tomorrow is the optimal day to set a Hennie. Richard and Melanie will continue to collect and monitor eggs on Easter Sunday. As the day goes on, the infertile eggs underneath Lacey will be replaced with those that seem to have a higher likelihood of being fertile. The hatch date correlates with the date we will receive the Chicks from the Hatchery. We hope to place those newly arrived Chicks under Lacey and we hope that she will not reject them. Stay tuned.

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The Thinker said...

Wow. Nice chicken yard. My chickens live in a dump compared to that. LOL

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