Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Hen to Set" Saga: 7

Our broody Hennie Lacey is now in the Pet Taxi in the Brooder House. Should we call it Lacey's Place? She is intent. She is on a mission.

Lacey is on the nest almost 24/7 and she is pretty cranky with anyone who might think that she should move. She gets off very briefly periodically to get water, food, and to poop. She is clearly ravenous and eats very quickly. Then she is right back on the nest again.

The book says Hennies generally come off the nest by themselves. But, it is not uncommon for some Hennies who do not come off the nest to actually starve. That is not our plan. Human Companions need to watch this carefully and push them off the nest if they are not observed to do this on their own. Needless to say, we have been watching Lacey and we are grateful that she seems to know just what to do.

Melanie noted that 12 eggs seems a bit much for Lacey, so we went with 11 eggs. Melanie laughed and asked us if we remember those pictures of the ladies with the very large skirts. When they sit down, they take care to make sure that back and front are carefully covered. That's exactly what Lacey does. She fluffs all up, sits down to cover the eggs in the front and then in the back.

Melanie placed the 11 assumed to be fertile eggs in the nest this morning. The book says that hatching can take 21 to 23 days. That means that they should hatch about May 5 to 7, right on target with the Moon Sign. (We will be getting 5 Baby Black Australorp Chicks from Cackle Hatchery about May 5. We hope to put them under Lacey. That's another story.)

Are we Human Companions pretty anxious and vigilant about these things? I can see the Brooder House as I type away at these keys.

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