Monday, April 27, 2009


Spring has definitely arrived. The temperature has moved up, although it will be in the 40's tonight. Nourishing Spring Rains are coming down. All of Life is awakening. On a moment to moment basis, one can almost see the Woods "color up" with Green. Nests are everywhere. Migrating Spring Songbirds are stopping over and singing their Songs in our Trees. With all the Rains, we will need to wait for some dry days to work in the Garden, but we have no complaints.

On this day, we choose to walk in the Woods. We have binocs and camera in hand. Our eyes and our hearts are open to the long awaited beauty of Spring.

The whole place is filled with the Magic of Color, Sound, Smell. The Air in the Woods after a Rain is like no other. Our lungs breathe deeply that breath that nourishes all our cells. Spring is an awakening for all of Life. That includes Humans too.

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