Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mourning Dove Egg Shell

April 23:

I found this little Egg Shell out in front of Lacey's Place (the Brooder House) earlier today. Our resident Ornithologist (Richard) said that it was a Mourning Dove Egg and the Chick was successful. He says you can tell by the pipping along the edge. I am intrigued to think that the Little One pipped its way out of the Shell from the inside out (which of course is the way it would be done).

Can you even imagine? Maybe the Little One was suggesting that this is going to be happening soon at Lacey's Place.

It is only April 23 and the Mourning Doves already have their 1st hatch off the Nest. It seems like they just arrived. Richard says Mourning Doves have an incubation period of 16 days. In these parts, they can pull off 4 clutches of young. The size of clutch is usually about 2 eggs. After hatch, Mama Mourning Dove takes the shells a sufficient distance away to hide the presence and scent of her young.

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