Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Hen to Set" Saga: 14

Richard and Melanie have been setting traps to catch the Mice that seem to be intent on sharing Lacey's Digs and Food. They seem to like her House and her Food. Melanie says they may even like Lacey too. Who wouldn't?

So far, the 2 Humans have caught 7 Mice: House Mice (5), Deer Mouse (1), Southern Bog Lemming (1). As creatures intent on a practice of non-violence, we Humans are not nuts about disposing of Mice in such a way. We just need to protect Lacey and those new little Peeps who are shortly to be on the scene. What do we do with them? Lacey's Sisters and Rooster (Freddie) seem to think of them as a grand treat.

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The Thinker said...

Oh, I am excited for Lacey and rooting her on. I just put some presumed-to-be-fertile eggs under a broody hen, Wynonna. I hope she does as well as Lacey.

I once found a nest of baby mice. I don't much care for killing things either (that I'm not going to eat.) But knowing they will eat my produce and harrass my livestock... Well, my first responsibility is to the animals in my care. I ended up feeding them to the chickens. You are right. Chickens love them!