Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Hen to Set" Saga: 10

On Friday (April 17), Melanie cracked open the eggs Lacey had sat on before we were ready to give her the Eggs that we hoped that she would hatch. These eggs were used to encourage her broodiness. Now it was time to dispose of them.

About half appeared to be fertile. We were very sad to see the little Embryos were already developing. Yet, it was surely a glimpse of wonder, awe, and humility for us to witness the beginnings of life. Only this time, life was not meant to be.

We were excited that an unknown fact is now known: Freddie the Rooster is fertile. We won't go anywhere in our "Hen to Set Saga"without a fertile Rooster. Next year, we will get the designated Hennie to set on Wooden Eggs for the start. Those should be available at a craft or hobby store.

In the meantime, Lacey is on Day 6 of her 21-23 day project. I wonder when she will know there is life inside. Maybe she knows already.

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