Tuesday, April 14, 2009


As we embark on our adventure to get a Hennie to set,
as we begin another Gardening Season,
I am left to ponder.
We know so little about these things.
Sure, we read books.
Sure, we talk to folks.
Sure, we have pieces to the puzzle.
But rather, we are clueless
as to how to put these things together
to make Baby Chickens,
to make Garden Plants from Humble Little Seeds.
We can't make Seeds.
We can't make Baby Chickens.
When the rubber meets the road,
we Humans know little of the Creation of Life.
We are helpless in the Creation of Life.
That simple act,
that profound spark,
is an act of the Divine.
We 2 Leggeds just bumble around,
thinking we are so smart.
We aren't.
Somebody must be
getting a chuckle out of watching us all puffed up and big,
watching us trip all around.
Glinda Crawford, 2009

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