Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Challenges of this Day

Yesterday was one of those days when you knew something was coming. We had oppressively high heat. The air was often still. It was hard to move. Sweat ran in little rivers.

As the Day turned to Evening, severe Thunderstorms moved in from the Northwest. Mother called to report a severe Thunderstorm alert. We appreciate that since we don't always connect with the news when we are out and about on the Land. We do however watch the Sky. You just can't miss it in these parts.

We could see the Thunderstorms approaching and hurried up to get the Chickens into their houses. The Hennies mostly moved in by themselves without much to-do. Those last few Roosters who were filled with youthful exuberance were pretty reluctant and none too pleased at our insistence or our rush.

After we tucked them into their houses, we 3 Humans hurried into the protection of our House. Dark Clouds raced overhead, Thunder rumbled, beautiful Lightning struck alternately in the West and East, and the front edge of that vigorous Wind came roaring in.

As we watched the drama outside, Richard noted a 180 degree change in the Wind. In the beginning, the Wind had rolled in from the Northwest; then it shifted to the Southeast with the same exuberance. Throughout the night, we had Thunderstorms, with some lulls inbetween.

When I awoke this morning, I asked Richard if he had been to the Garden. He said "Yes". "Damage?" I asked. He said the tall Plants seemed to take the most damage: the Sunflowers, Corn, Sorghum Cane (the tall stuff which was head high to Melanie and me). He thinks some will "right" themselves and others, we may be able to "right". I haven't been out yet, but I am on my way.

I continue to marvel at the dependence we Humans have on the Will and Whim of Nature. What a powerful Force. How could I have missed this drama before? We Humans are so small in the order of things.

We 3 C's are committed to grow as much of our own food as possible. That is a tall order. For a lot of folks, it is a lot of work. Yes, it has been. But it is also a calling in our times. I can see why some would just move to town and buy most of their food at the grocery store and farmer's markets. They'd just let others see the Power of Nature, take that risk, and work their lives around it.

I am heading out to the Garden to visit my Friends the Plants and to begin the work of this Day. In the meantime, things seem pretty normal. I hear the Quail calling "Bob-White". I see Robins flying about. I hear birds singing their own signature songs. While I do not recognize their names with their songs, they too are at home on this place. I see a Rabbit washing his face at about the same time I wash mine. A Hummingbird is dashing about looking for sweet morning sips of nectar.

Yes, we have some challenges and we are finding our way.

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