Friday, July 18, 2008

Smell of Rain

I love the smell of Rain.

Just before the Rain, that wonderful fresh uplifting aroma announces the coming Rain. Sometimes the Smell is pervasive; it's everywhere. Other times, one gets an occasional whiff on the wings of the Wind. In that moment, you know Somebody Somewhere is getting Rain. Maybe we will too.

During and just after the Rain, the Earth smells fresh and new. Everything comes alive, even the Air. I can just imagine those Seeds that we planted wiggling and doing their Coming Alive Dance in the Soil. It's just what they and we have been waiting for. The Plants uplift to become all they were intended on yet another Day.

These past few days, we have had some heat and it has been dry. Such things are characteristic of the July in Missouri that I remember from childhood. The heat and humidity build. These last few evenings, the northwestern Sky suggested what seemed to be a coming Rain. But, until today, nothing much had happened. And now we are having a blessed nourishing Summer Rain. At times, the drops have been so heavy they look like Milk raining from the Sky.

Years ago, I bought a spendy scented hand cream called "Spring Rain". At the time, I loved it. I thought I was so smart. My work kept me inside and disconnected from such simple but grand things. I thought such a hand cream was the next best thing. But it's not the same.

Today, in a reversal of views, I head outside to take 3 shirts I bought from the thrift store to hang in the Rain. As so often happens, the shirts smell with all the chemicals of the modern laundering process. I have washed them twice with detergent, soda, and vinegar. They still stink. Perhaps the Rain will help to wash the smell away. In the meantime, I return to these keys and I smell of Rain. I smile.

You can't buy the Smell of Rain. It is a gift from the clouds and the Creator on this glorious Summer Day.
Photo: Freddie, the Rooster, heads to the Deck (on what will be another short excursion). He intends to preen and dry.

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