Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Storm Effects

We got 1 and 3/8 inches of Rain. The Hail was 3/8 inch across. We don't know the extent of the Wind. Preliminary effects of the Storm on the Garden were variable. The tall stuff did take the biggest hit. The head high Sorghum Cane is down. The shorter cane isn't much affected.
Melanie's raised beds are working generally very well. This area of the Garden has a problem with water draining. It can become so wet, you can't get into it. The raised beds permit the water to run off. She can still get in to work.

The Sweet Corn turned topsy turvy. We can't get into it to try to straighten it. Yet. Hopefully we can salvage some. As it stands (or doesn't), the Raccoons won't need to reach as high as last year.

More delicate flowers were cut by the hail, including the Morning Glories. Most leaves stood up very well.

In other places, no damage was seen. The Peach Tree (which is very Pregnant and has had damage due to weight of fruit) seems O.K. We are so grateful.
This is one of my favorite Day Lilies: Catherine Woodbury. We carried starts from our home in North Dakota last year. This transplant is settling in well. As we were out in the Big Garden, I looked out at the surrounding area. The plants in the Meadow showed no effects from the storm. They were standing tall on their sturdy flexible stalks. We are ever so grateful that the Garden seemed to weather well in the Storm.

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