Sunday, July 20, 2008


In the world of my Culture in this day and time, privilege has come to mean material things: house square footage, number of garages, one's toys, latest of fashions, sporting certain logos, vacations to exotic places. I disagree.

I have been pondering privilege and what it means to me:
  • My basic needs are met (healthy food; adequate housing and clothing for protection, shelter, and creative expression).
  • My family and community surround and support me with unconditional love which I give in return.
  • The work of my hands and heart is meaningful.
  • I know my purpose here on this Planet at this time.
  • I live in a place and time where I can seek to fulfill that purpose.
  • I have free access to knowledge which allows me to question, learn and grow.
  • I can consider questions which are at my growing edge.
  • I can grow toward the fullest expression of what I am to be while I am here.
  • I seek truth and speak truth.
  • I am on my own Spiritual Path.
  • I see wonder in all things.
  • I see rays of hope in these challenging times.

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