Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wanted: Scarecrow Clothes

The Corn is responding to the heat. You can almost hear it say: "I love heat. I love heat. I love heat." As a result, Mr. and Mrs. Corn are growing, growing, growing. Tassles have appeared on top and those wonderful Ears are developing under those silks. We can almost taste it. Melanie just made homemade butter today in preparation.

But we also know that the neighboring Raccoons probably have this site marked on their GPS. We do have a Deer Fence up, but the 'Coons are probably just laughing at that flimsy thing all the way home.

My response is to create some artsy Scarecrows which will also be included in the Big Garden/Cane Field. The latter Garden has no Deer Fence, so we will be creating Scarecrows to either ward off the Deer (or greet them). I plan some sound effects with tin pans clanging in the breeze. It may or may not work. But I intend to have some fun in doing it.

For anyone in the area who might be following this Blog, we need some clothes (including hats, scarves, and so on) for the Scarecrows. If you have any to contribute, just give me a call. They are likely clothes which no longer have use for either personal wear or thrift store sale. They need not be in "style". Color is good.

Stay tuned for pictures to come on the Blog.

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