Sunday, July 13, 2008


The Food we 3 C's eat
has maximum living vitality.
That's both Promise and Practice.

Those wonderful treasures on our Plates
were grown on Healthy Soils,
without Chemicals,
with the utmost care
to the Earth and All Beings.
Most of the Food is Local.
We either grew it ourselves
or someone else close by did.
When we buy Food,
we seek to insure
these principles are also important
to those who tend the Land
and those who bring the Food to us.
We want to make sure those
who grow our food are well treated
and given a Fair Wage.

When we 1st began eating
and practicing in this way,
we couldn't get enough.
Our Bodies and Spirits
had finally found
Good Nourishing Food.

Now that we have eaten this way,
we find ourselves eating less,
eating just the amount we need.

I wonder
if our tendency in our Culture to overeat
comes from the Fact
that our Bodies yearn for Something More,
Something Not present in the Food We Eat.

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