Saturday, July 12, 2008


July 11:

As the Sun was announcing the Gift of a New Day, Richard was tapping away at these keys. He looked off his left shoulder and noted a mesmerizing pattern created by the Sun as it came through the glass of our new door and brought Light to the opposite wall. This is the picture he took.

You can decide what this means to you. To me, it is Hope Arising. We Humans live in some pretty dismal and challenging times, many of our own making. We are being pushed to and we are pushing ourselves to the Edge. We are being challenged to become all we are meant to be. It is not easy. Birthing never is.

In the middle of all of this, Hope is Arising in our midst. We saw it here on Butterfly Hill Farm on this day with an image which was Gift of a Master Artist. Wherever you are, it is all around. When you see this image, please do not think of it as just being here or in some far off place. Hope is everywhere. We have only to look.

Thank you, Sun, for the Gift Given of this Day.

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