Sunday, July 27, 2008


In the midst of challenges of this growing season (including the heavy Rains last Thursday and Friday), I look at our Garden and I see all the things that could have been. We had a plan and Nature had another plan.

Many of the Sunflowers are tilted or down. Many of the Potatoes are exposed from their tidy homes in the Soil. A small percentage of the Tomatoes don't have the leaves they need to protect their fruit from the Sun. We have lost to wilt some of the Cucumbers, Brussels Sprouts, and my decorative Gourds. I guess some things are just not meant to be.

Why is it that People in my Culture always focus on wanting more? We seem to driven to go after more, more, more. Big, bigger, biggest. We seem to hold as sacrosanct our Human plans. Why cannot we simply feel and say: "I am deeply grateful for what I have." "I have enough."

Yes, we 3 C's have enough and we are deeply grateful for what we have. We have each other. We have this beautiful little Farm. And a whole lot more.

On the Gardening side, Farmers always have plans. Nature also has plans. When these plans are in conflict, Nature always holds the winning cards.

I look at all we have in the Garden and I smile. Mrs. Peach Tree is loaded with beautiful Fruit which is beginning to have that lovely fresh Peach aroma which signals the hot summer season. We have sampled a few on the ground and they are wonderful. If all goes well, we should have Peaches for freezing, canning and sharing in the coming days.

We have a variety of Potatoes and they are simply great. We have had enough Peas to munch on for snacks and to have stocked in the freezer for the coming days. Most recently, we have lost some of the Blackberry crop to the heavy Rains, but we had the best pie last night (with Vanilla Ice Cream and Lemon Curd Sauce). And we will have more Blackberries to freeze and make into syrup and jam, assuming all goes well. That's a biggy: "Assuming all goes well".

Melanie has a load of Peppermint drying in the dehydrator. We will be having some wonderful tea. The Zinnias are a riot of color. We have plenty to enjoy and share.

From this beautiful bounty of our Garden and the Earth, we are deeply grateful for all that we have and will have. We have enough.

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