Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rainy Day

On Sunny Days, we seem to be in high gear. Rainy Days are of another sort, as the gears shift down.

Today is a Rainy Day. The gentle Rains began just about Sun up. And it's been raining steady and sometimes heavy ever since. As the Day goes on, Weather Forecasters keep increasing the probability of Rain. It is now 90%. Weather Underground shows a big system. We are mostly in for an "indoor" day.

Rainy days are wonderful days to: slow down, think through progress, get a hair cut, dry wet clothes, put your nose in a book or magazine which has been set aside for a while, try a new recipe, prepare a "Welcome Home" pack for someone who returns today ("Welcome Home, Rachel!"), have a quiet conversation, journal, write a letter to a friend, call Mother, snuggle with a Cat, and nap. Horizontal is good.

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