Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Little Roosters at 10 Weeks

The Little Roosters (all 50 of them) are really growing. On many days, we have noticed they seem to grow from 1 day to the next. On occasion, we have noticed their growth from 1 visit to the next. It's hard to believe, but it is true.

So what are they like at 10 weeks of age? The Little White Plymouth Rocks who came to us as little balls of fluff are now completely feathered out. Their lovely red combs are growing, some more than others. Their legs are yellow and sturdy. Their feet are outgrowing the rest of their bodies.

They absolutely love high places, which would include: the shoulders (and heads) of their Human Companions, the roof of their porch, the roof of their Big House, the top of the fence... You guessed it, we even have 1 ("The Adventurer") who was occasionally found outside the pen. Yesterday, he even wound up in the Little Henny Pen on the Roof of their Wee Small House. Today, he has shorter wing feathers.

Their sounds are changing. One has been crowing these past 2 weeks. His name is Red Top. Richard and Melanie had to point out to me the fact that he was crowing. Rather than the distinguished crow of a mature Rooster, he seemed to have something stuck in his throat. That must have been the characteristic Adolescent Rooster 1st Crows.

The Little Roosters are very curious when their Human Companions come into the pen. They come from all corners which includes the lovely lush grass hiding, playing and foraging places. "Whatch Ya Doin'?" They seem to say.

This must have been the week that they all are getting their tail feathers. You should see them sporting them about.

The Little Guys are very active. They have tramped a lot of the grass in their pen. They also like to play Rooster Games with their fellow Roosters. (Their Human Companions don't quite understand these Games.) Other times, they are fast asleep in what looks like a big floating mass of white feathers.

When Richard and I were putting the chickens to bed tonight in their 3 houses (Little Hen House, Little Rooster House, and Big Hennie + 1 Rooster House), the Little Roosters were absolutely the last to head into the House. The Big Hennies were the 1st to retire, followed by the Little Hennies. The Little Roosters hung around the door of their Rooster House milling about, mostly in, some out. Those inside were still looking out as if they did not want to miss anything. Richard and I did the regular Routine Rooster Round-Up to get them all tucked into their House.

As you may remember, the Little Roosters are our Meat Birds or Table Birds. I suppose you could ask the question: "When will you...?" We won't use the word. As Melanie promised them: "Their lives will be short. They will be loved and they will be spoiled."

So in answer to that question, we are enjoying every day and loving them every time we get the chance. These days, a trip to their Play Pen brings smiles at their antics and deep gratitude for their Gifts.

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